Weave color of the year into home decor
News from The News Journal:

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Home decor inspired by fashion
News from WOOD-TV:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – You can’t turn on the television or open a fashion magazine without seeing reports from New York Fashion Week. This week, designers showcased their fall 2013 lines on the runway, sparking interest in the newest trends. 

Something that many people might not realize is that many clothing trends end up being translated into home decor trends as well.  Whether it’s in the fabric print, color choice or detailing here are some upcoming looks to watch for:

Rosettes – Valentino often uses fabric rosettes to bring a pop to his purses, blouses and dresses. Look for rosette pillows as accents to toss onto your couch for that romantic feel.

Studding – Metal studs are huge right now on jackets, shirts, shoes and handbags. They can also be found on the edging of couches, chairs and leather stools.

Mixing Patterns – The Burberry runway showcased their classic check print combined with a leopard print. Nothing these days is off limits for pattern mixing and this means your furniture too.

Leather – Leather is a classic upholstery that never goes out of style. A big spring trend is mixing leather pieces with sheer fabric accents.

Color Blocking – This trend continues from last year with the mixing and matching or different  bold and brig…………… continues on WOOD-TV

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