Universal kitchen design with enhanced functionality in mind
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Unlike many universal kitchens designed years ago, today’s universal design doesn’t mean dull or boring. These design practices are broader than just barrier-free construction; they are truly universal for all users.

Nearly without exception, adding barrier-free features to accommodate someone with a permanent or temporary mobility issue has proven to be beneficial. Indeed, a few simple changes can enhance the functionality for all users, as even those without a disability find these features convenient and practical.

“At Dillard Kitchen and Bath, we design with the universal kitchen in mind” says Michelle Weise, Kitchen and Bath Specialist. “Our clients have specific needs, and we incorporate features which address those needs.”

“In a lot of cases we are working with families with small children and/or parents and grandparents,” says Owner Dale Dillard. “We take all these circumstances into consideration, integrating universal design ideas which serve the entire family.”

Here are some universal design ideas:

• Countertops/surfaces: Make sure they are solid and secure and all overhangs at bar areas are well supported so anyone trying to get up can safely use the countertop as a support. Consider counters at table height if you have small children or a family member in a wheelchair.

• Cabinets/storage: Shorter people can fully u…………… continues on LubbockOnline.com

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Worst mistakes people make in designing a kitchen
News from The Republic:

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian and developer James Ramos were trying to find a place upstairs for an espresso machine. As far as Zakarian was concerned, you roll out of bed, take a spin through the bathroom, and then are ready for the morning’s first cup of Joe. No need to traipse all the way down to the kitchen. — Scrutinizing the specs for a 12,000-square-foot home on Davis Islands, Fla., the two colleagues pored over the drawings: no formal living room, lots of outdoor living space and a drop-dead gorgeous kitchen.

But its allures aren’t only skin-deep. Restaurateur, victor on Food Network’s “Iron Chef” and a judge on the network’s “Chopped” since 2006, Zakarian has been engaged to design the kitchens in five houses in the Tampa Bay area.

We caught up with Zakarian and longtime friend Ramos recently to discuss the dos and don’ts of kitchen design.

“The party starts in the kitchen, family life starts in the kitchen. People pay all this money for a kitchen,” says Zakarian, “but they may only listen to an architect and not to someone who knows about kitchens.”

Here’s what he says are the worst kitchen mistakes:

– Too much space. “Seventy-five percent of your needs should be within your wingspan,” says Zakarian. You grab a pan, turn to get ingredients from the fridge, chop something on a cuttin…………… continues on The Republic

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