This Feline Home Improvement Expert Was Almost Evicted From Home Depot
News from xoJane:

I have the best DMV. 

Hang on, I swear this is going somewhere. 

See, for the longest time, I couldn’t understand why my friends everywhere else in the US talked about going to the DMV like it was a horrible torment akin to having one’s nails torn out by a three-headed dragon that breathes fire ants. They talked about things that were alien and terrifying to me like “long lines” and “surly people behind the counter.”

When I first started going to the Fort Bragg DMV, I never had to wait. Ever. Once, there were two of us there at the same time and we were mutually shocked and surprised, as were the two DMV employees. Nowadays, you sometimes have to wait a little while, but not long — more than ten minutes would be highly unusual. 

But even better, the reason I actually actively enjoyed going to the DMV, was that they had cats. Yes, you read that right. Our DMV had not just one, but several, cats. They wandered around, they curled up on the copier, they’d come hang out with you while you filled out paperwork. 

The cats aren’t there anymore, though, sadly.

I may be misrecalling the details of the story at this point, but if I recall correctly, some sticks-in-the-mud launched a campaign to evict the cats, which resulted in the rather irritated DMV employees having a poll to ask us how we felt about it,…………… continues on xoJane

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Woolies reinforces team at home improvement
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

Needs work: Masters lost $ 157 million.

Woolworths has strengthened the management ranks in its loss-making home improvement business, hiring a 20-year veteran of the European hardware industry, Matt Tyson, after larger than expected losses last year.

Mr Tyson worked for more than 20 years for Kingfisher, Europe’s largest home improvement retailer. He worked with Kingfisher’s B&Q business in Britain and was chief executive of its Asian business from 2008 to 2010. From 2010 to 2011 he was chief executive of French hardware retailer Castorama, a subsidiary of Kingfisher.

“Matt has already had an extensive career across all facets of home improvement retailing,” Woolworths chief executive Grant O’Brien said. “He brings this to Woolworths along with his experience of leading young businesses through their infancy into phases of expansion, growth and profitability.”

Mr Tyson replaces former home improvement managing director Don Stallings, who was seconded from Woolworths’ joint venture partner Lowe’s in 2009. Mr Stallings returned to the US last July after opening the first 30-odd Masters big-box home improvement stores.

The general manager of Woolworths’ Danks hardware wholesaling business, Mark Burrowes, will be replaced by James Aylen, general manager buying and merchand…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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