STRETCHING YOUR TAX DOLLARS: Save on home improvement projects
News from The Macomb Daily:

Even if you have a professional contractor doing your home improvement projects look into purchasing the supplies yourself in order to save money on the job.

With the economy still struggling, money is tight for many homeowners. That reality can present a problem to those who want to improve their homes without spending too much money.

The cost of a home improvement project depends on a host of factors, including the scale of the project and the availability of materials. Upscale projects such as a full roof replacement will set homeowners back a substantial amount of money and likely more than a single tax refund. In its 2011-2012 �Cost vs. Value Report,� Remodeling magazine revealed that the average cost of such a project was nearly $ 38,000. However, a smaller project like a garage door replacement could be completed for fewer than $ 3,000.

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