Starr Design sets the tone for Zoës Kitchen
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Steve Starr describes the feeling you get when you walk into a Zoës Kitchen restaurant as a mix of “fast casual” and chic with a pinch of Southern hospitality. You might see it in the wallpaper, the dim lights or the soft seating, he said.

Creating that vibe doesn’t just come with a new paint job and furniture.

It’s a deliberate process engineered by Starr Design, Starr’s Charlotte-based firm of 16 interior designers, architects and graphic designers with one mission in mind for their clients: Make every space — from the seat cushions to the striped walls — a branded environment that gives a customer the visual lowdown on what the company is all about.

“We look at what (the brand) represents … and use that to define key messages to … a customer in a store or restaurant, or an employee in a corporation,” Starr said.

His firm’s work spans all types of industries — from academia to retail to restaurants. His Rolodex is robust and includes familiar names such as UNC Charlotte, Pandora jewelry, Brixx: Wood Fired Pizza, Tupelo Honey Cafe and all 130 Zoës Kitchen restaurants in the U.S.

Here’s how Starr and his team help companies find the right design for a branded environment:

What’s the point: With each company he works with, Starr and his team conduct “brand discovery” exercises to figure out what message the organizatio…………… continues on The State

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