Solar system: New, extended home improvement loans allow for energy-saving …
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Millions are watching Va. home-improvement pair
News from The Virginian-Pilot:

By Krys Stefansky
The Virginian-Pilot
© February 17, 2013

Like so many days previously, on a recent Tuesday at noon John and Sherry Petersik were driving.

“We’re still in Virginia,” Sherry said, talking on her cell. “Um, no we’re not. We’re in North Carolina, in Henderson. We have a signing tonight in Charlotte.”

No wonder it’s a blur. This pair of traveling companions and do-it-yourself design blog “Young House Love” sensations has burned up highways for months, this time with youngster Clara in a car seat. Or they’ve left her with grandparents and made five flights in five days to far-flung spots in Canada, the West Coast, to states on the Gulf. Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Houston, Austin, Miami – about 50 flights in four months.

“Isn’t that crazy?” Sherry asked, her husband beside her at the wheel. Crazier still that this fresh-faced couple has been all over the media for some time – TV, national shelter magazines, in The Washington Post and The New York Times.

These Richmond residents are hot authors, too. The bloggers’ first book, “Young…………… continues on The Virginian-Pilot

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