Rug hooking as part of home decor and artistic craft
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

With yards of fabric and a simple hooking tool, Mary Jo Lahners paints pictures with wool.

When Lahners first looks at a hooked rug pattern, her eyes take in more than blue skies or green grass. She sees tweeds and herringbone patterns with a little plaid thrown in for good measure.

That kind of mixing of colors and patterns brings the textures of a fine hooked rug to the surface. Rug hookers call it “color planning,” and sometimes the wools actually inspire her pieces, she said.

That is the first step toward a finished project. Even when working from a pattern, it is the wool placement and selection that makes each piece unique.

But those skills take some time to develop. Lahners has been mastering her technique for the past 12 years. After she retired from teaching school, she decided to try a new hobby and instantly — and literally — she was hooked.

Recently, she was notified that Celebration magazine selected from hundreds of entries one of her original designed rugs, “The Grand Canyon,” to be shown in a fall issue. In the rug-hooking world, it is a very big deal, although Lahners downplays that.

The finished rug — which was not created from a photo — shows off Lahners’ ability to mix fabric shades and show the subtle striations in her subject matter.

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