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Shop Texas proud

Husband-and-wife duo Jeff and Laura Daly, creators of the highly trafficked online décor store Mockingbird Domestics, have just opened their first bricks-and-mortar location (2151 S. Lamar Blvd. 512-677-4004, The 2,500-square-foot boutique showcases the work of more than 50 Texas artisans and craftsmen. From limited edition works of art to cost-effective green furniture and home accessories, both the showspace and the site reflect the couple’s obsession with “fine crafted home provisions.”

Couture carrier

Give your plus one a posh upbringing with a Baby Petunia Pickle Bottom organic baby carrier. The mother of ergonomic fit, each stylish holster comes in a washable 100 percent organic cotton and fits snug and soft around baby. Choose from a sleek selection of Moroccan inspired prints and color combos. $ 145. Available at Baby Earth (106 E. Old Settlers Blvd. Round Rock. 512-600-7050; 21 Cypress Blvd. Round Rock. 512-255-5430,

A page from yesteryear

Gift your kids with a beautiful blast from the past with vintage-inspired children’s books and puzzles from locally based concept shop Dear Lovely Vintage ( Peruse Walt Disney favorites on vinyl and beloved Little G…………… continues on Austin American-Statesman

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Treasure hunter paradise
News from Hernando Today:

By KIM DAME | Hernando Today correspondent

At the entrance to Easy Street Home Décor, three stone statues stand slightly bent at the waste, in the same pose, with their backsides facing Jefferson Street.

“The Boys”, as they are fondly known, can be seen in festive dress or with some other comical presentation, commemorating a holiday, special event or the mood of their owner. Recently “The Boys” have been seen decked out in celebration of the 2012 Olympics in London, with the seven rings adhered to one’s bare buttocks.

Dana Reuter, who has owned Easy Street Home Décor for 12 years, isn’t modest when it comes to sharing her humorous side. “I want it to be fun,” she said. “I want people to drive by and think this is going to be a fun store.”

Her shop, which has settled comfortably into its corner location across from the courthouse, has gained recognition and respect for its unique style. Classed as “consignment décor”, Easy Street is a collection of imaginative shapes, colors, and sizes of all kinds of unique treasures.

“We take just about…………… continues on Hernando Today

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