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By Joel Scanlon

Flex Seal is a rubber sealant maintained in a liquid state. After a simple shake of the container, the seal can be sprayed over the target site and then allowed to dry. Its liquid state enables it to enter deeply into the seams and cracks. Numerous coats may be required for huge holes or for more protection against water. The product requires 2-3 h to dry and 24 h to cure completely. The humidity, the ambient temperature and the thickness of the Flex Seal coating will affect the drying times.

The surface can be painted once the sealant is dried. The sealant won’t peel away or crack and retain its water resistance characteristic for several years. It also has resistance against normal temperature and heat differences. It will adhere to exterior surfaces such as vinyl, masonry, concrete and cement as well as to interior surfaces, including tiles, fabric and dry wall.

Flex Seal can be utilized to fill holes in the roof, sealing the edges of windows…………… continues on AZoBuild
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