Linda Cannon, book review: Home-design expert tells how to utilize space
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JOPLIN, Mo. — ‘More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home’

By Sarah Susanka

I think I’ll continue with my “Rebuild Joplin” theme for this week’s column. So, getting down to brass tacks, let’s talk “More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home” by Sarah Susanka.

Susanka is an architect rather well known for her “Not So Big” concepts. In a nutshell, “Not So Big” means building perhaps a bit smaller than you might think you need and putting the money into design and quality. In two-thirds the size they think they need if the house is properly designed. Building rooms that are seldom used (like formal dining rooms for most folks) costs a lot of money per use versus more creative use of space, so why waste the money and space? By the way, lots of the ideas in the book can be applied to remodels and additions as well as new homes.

The book is divided into six sections: “By Design” (human scale, how much space do you need, open-floor plans, natural light an…………… continues on Joplin Globe
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