LED Toe Kicks in Top Kitchen Design Trends at Norcraft Cabinetry
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INDIANAPOLIS - Representing Norcraft Cabinetry (NYSE:NCFT), Monte Young share tips on Kitchen Trends for 2014 with Indianapolis Dir…………… continues on woodworkingnetwork.com

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Is This the Tiniest Kitchen in America?
News from Good Housekeeping Magazine:

Typically, a kitchen is a major part of your living space. When you need to house a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher (not mention oh-so-coveted counter space), you wind up with a pretty big room.

But lately, many families have decided to downsize, and trade certain everyday conveniences for a more minimalist lifestyle (just take a look at this family of four, who decided to live in a home that’s just 320 square feet). GE Appliances is responding to this trend with a cool new project: a micro-kitchen that has all the luxuries of its full-sized brethren in just 6 linear feet.

It’s the first concept to come out of GE’s FirstBuild Microfactory, a community that intends to design the next generation of innovative home appliances. So what’s the new twist? Nearly everything (from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher) is encased in sleek drawers, so the piece resembles a compact sideboard more than your typical kitchen.

The design can also accommodate a cooktop, a sink with retractable faucet, a removable cutti…………… continues on Good Housekeeping Magazine

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