Kitchen design thinks outside the ‘work triangle’
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Friday, February 24, 2012    Last updated: Saturday February 25, 2012, 2:03 AM

It’s all about the flow. Old-fashioned kitchens were large and pretty much unplanned. They just evolved.


This modern layout by Tracy’s Kitchens shows how the old concept of the kitchen ‘work triangle’ – including refrigerator, sink, stovetop and oven – has expanded these days to incorporate an island.

Then, over the last few decades, kitchens became smaller. The traditional “work triangle” developed, placing the stove, the sink and the refrigerator within easy reach of each other.

Modern kitchens once again have become larger, as well as the center of family activity. But this time around, they are being planned to make the work flow more easily and to leave room for all the family and guest activities that now take place in the kitchen.

Beyond the Triangle

“The triangle is still there, but it is bigger now,” said Gini Panzera, one of the owners of Allst…………… continues on

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A vacation can inspire a bath remodel. It’s common for my clients share photos from their recent spa resort or B&B getaway. If you crave performance showering or a romantic space, these can be great inspirations. The Sensible Style approach is to integrate elements that best fit your master suite. Take cues from major furnishings in the bedroom for the styles and finishes on your bath cabinetry, to create a cohesive space. If you’re redoing your master bedroom at the same time, look for furniture pieces that tie into your new bathroom’s look. And while master suites are private and don’t need to match the public areas of your home — in fact, they should enjoy the best appointments — I believe a comfortable home is one that’s generally cohesive.

Another great inspiration source is your favorite cafe or after-hours spot. Is there a great tile design you can adapt to your floor? Are the bar stools or banquette perfect for your kitchen? Do you adore the f…………… continues on U-T San Diego

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