Kitchen Design: Clean, Slim and Even Invisible
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Trend reports are predicting simple design and clean lines for kitchens, particularly in urban areas where space is scarce across residential and commercial environments.

The freestanding kitchen island remains at the core of the overall design but is being stripped back to the absolute minimum, with even the countertop concealed.

Successfully demonstrating the trend is Dutch firm i29 interior architects, which has designed a kitchen island so slender that when viewed from certain angles, appears invisible.

Cabinets mirror existing walls, house appliances and workstation

Installed within a light filled Parisian apartment, the multitasking invisible kitchen is made of an island that is but a few centimetres thick but is fitted out with water, a sink, a cooktop and the general electronic connections found in a modern kitchen.

“Our aim was to develop a kitchen system that seems to disappear in space,” explain…………… continues on Sourceable

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Industrial designer Dirk Biotto created a prototype that makes cooking easier, safer, and more accessible.

As aging baby boomers proliferate, the design community has become increasingly attuned to their needs. Take Dirk Biotto. The Berlin-based industrial designer has created a kitchen prototype that aims to make cooking a meal easier, safer, and more accessible for the elderly.

Called ChopChop, his design features a counter that is height adjustable and a backboard that hangs easily accessible kitchen utensils. An extendable hose allows pots to be filled from greater distances, so people don’t have to lug heavy pots of water across the kitchen. And if you want to fill a pot directly from the tap, a sloped sink makes it easy to slide heavy pots onto the working surface. The kitchen also takes inspiration fro…………… continues on Co.Design

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