Home Improvement: Lowe’s and Home Depot Bright Spots In Retail This Season
News from International Business Times:

Americans may not spend as much as retailers hope this holiday season, but analysts expect more outlays to flow to home improvements. Quarterly earnings reports from Home Depot and Lowe’s this week are expected to show solid growth in home repairs and remodeling as brighter housing and job markets help homeowners spiff up before end-of-the-year festivities.

Building material sales rose 7.6 percent in September compared with a year ago and 5.1 percent in October, according to federal data. That’s higher than the retail sector’s average 3.7 percent gain in October, excluding cars. Clothing, sporting goods, music, books and general merchandise all posted slower sales growth than home materials in recent months.

“It’s pretty clear that the home improvement sector has been taking share from ot…………… continues on International Business Times

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Ex-Googlers Bankroll Babes In Toyland Reunion Following Lori Barbero’s Home …
News from Stereogum:

Yesterday, after announcing and rehearsing for a reunion, Minnesota grunge greats Babes In Toyland announced their first show since 2001. Today, a Rolling Stone feature by Mark Yarm (author of the grunge oral history Everybody Loves Our Town) reveals the reunion’s fascinating backstory.

It seems the reunion is being bankrolled by a trio of rich former Google employees who created an LLC called Powersniff for the explicit purpose of getting Babes back together:

Now, travel to and from the Babes’ monthly L.A. practices (which began in August) and other comeba…………… continues on Stereogum

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