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Do it Yourself Tips for Decoration

Below are some terms that you should know when decorating your home:

What is a border?

A border normally matches the wallpaper/paint, it has the same concept as wallpaper but on a smaller scale, it usually sits on top of the dado rail or around the top of the wall near the ceiling. It works as a contrast and breaks up a plain looking wall.

What is cornice work?

Coving and cornice work is a decorative plaster mould that is fitted where the ceiling and walls join each other around the complete edge of a room. You can buy a number of Georgian and Victorian duplicate original plasters or have your own moulds made. We advise you to visit your local DIY store for any examples. Sometimes as a result of ageing in a property your coving and cornice work may need to be repaired. Repairs can be made to the coving and cornice work without replacing it. Cracks can be made good with a filler, but any section of the cornice or coving work missing will need to be reformed and fixed in place. If large areas are damaged or missing then the mouldings will have to be re-made in the workshop and, once completed, fitted in your home.

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