Home decor pieces renters should avoid
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We love design, and sometimes there’s nothing — not even a totalitarian landlord — that will stand in the way of us swapping out all the contractor-grade light fixtures in our home. That said, when it comes to decorating a rental, there are some things we can be sensible about.

If you move often (i.e., every year or two), it’s wise not to purchase furniture that’s extraordinarily heavy. Especially in small city apartments, rental moves can often be tackled with a friend or two, but that overweight piece may be the one that requires you to hire a mover.

Although you may have scored on moving into a contemporary loft apartment with beautiful tall ceilings, when your landlord raises your rent in 12 months and you’re forced to move into a vertically challenged ’70s unit, that uber-cool and tall arc lamp of yours may very well not fit. Stick with pieces that will accommodate the standard apartment height of 8 feet.

Hanging art in your home with a single nail or a screw is an acceptable practice in rentals, but if you make multiple drills in your walls, your landlord won’t be pleased when you move out. So avoid furniture and decor that requires extensive installation, such as industrial bookcases or shelving; instead, select freestanding furniture.

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