Hollywood Docket: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Trial; Prince vs. Bootleggers; ‘Home …
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U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee is prepared to send a legal dispute over who gets to make a new Dungeons & Dragons film to trial.

Last May, Hasbro filed a copyright claim against Sweetpea Entertainment over the franchise. The toy company asserted that D&D film rights under a 1994 agreement had reverted and that Sweetpea couldn’t authorize a new film. At the time, Sweetpea was reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. for a reboot.

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Dear Help Squad,

For the past year I have worked at the Home Depot in Niles. I loved that job. I learned how to work in 6 different departments, and I had all sorts of different responsibilities, including several higher level management type tasks. I was very close with the managers who hired me, and they repeatedly told me how hard I worked, and how I would go far in the company. Yet, most of them were either transferred or fired.

The old managers never told the new ones that they were grooming me for moving up. Around October, I r…………… continues on Oak Park Leaves

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