Holiday home decor made locally and helps local people
News from Kansas City Star:

Several weeks ago, House + Home featured a story previewing the annual Bunyaad Oriental rug sale at Ten Thousand Villages in Overland Park.

When I visited the store recently to pick up merchandise for this special holiday gift guide, I was greeted by store manager Kendra Fink, who grabbed me and gave me a hug.

After the story ran, the shop doubled the number of rugs sold this year to 49, she said. The sale of each one will allow the store to place another order next year with the family who made it.

Hearing that made my heart sing. It’s nice to know that so many people want to help their fellow man, and it told me I was on the right track when I chose the theme for this section.

Plenty of area shops carry holiday and all-season decor that directly affects the lives of the most vulnerable among us by funneling proceeds to nonprofit groups that provide training, fair wages, health benefits and other services for them.

The ring of the cash register sounds so much sweeter when you know that the beaded Nativity set you just bought will help African artisans expand their businesses. Or that proceeds from those whimsical cheese knives will pay for the education and medical treatment of artisans in India and their families.

Even that fancy bed that you bought online for your four-legged friend will help,…………… continues on Kansas City Star

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