GHBA Remodelers Council: Cover fundamentals of kitchen design
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The kitchen is now the center of the house, with constant traffic, lots of activity and a strong current of socializing. But it is also a working environment where specific tasks need to be accomplished. The key to great kitchen design is to create a space where you can execute those tasks efficiently while allowing the traffic and conversation to flow. You want to move easily to complete your tasks simply yet have space for others to participate so you are not isolated.

There are well-established and long-proven techniques for creating a kitchen that meets all these criteria. There are three issues you need to address in any kitchen remodel: Organization, storage space and work triangles. Addressed in this article are the organization aspects of kitchen design.

There are defined tasks executed in every kitchen, and organizing your kitchen according the work zones can help make you move more efficiently. Here are the zones:

Cooking What do you do in a kitchen? Cook. The stove, oven and microwave all provide the central focus for the cooking area. Nearby, you want space for all the utensils you need when you cook such as pots, pans, pot holders, wood spoons, etc.

Preparation The prep zone tends to be in the middle of things, near the pantry and refrigerator, close to the cooking area, and certainly ne…………… continues on

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