Furnishing and Decorating a Home “On the Cheap”: Auction Style
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Furnishing and Decorating a Home “On the Cheap”: Auction Style

It’s not impossible to furnish an entire house for the same amount of money you may spend on a single brand new bedroom set, which you will most likely set up financing for and will ultimately cost you a few extra hundred dollars in interest.  Auctions are such a great source for so many things and furniture and home décor is especially one of them.  Many times an auction will offer full bedroom or living room sets which takes the guesswork out of finding matching pieces.  Other times you may find one or two pieces at one auction and then other matching or at least similar pieces at a different auction.  Buying a few pieces at a time can be somewhat of a daunting task, especially if you are anxious to furnish your home quickly, but it can be a huge money saver with just a bit of patience.  There is also the option of buying mismatched pieces and adding your own personal touches to make them come together in a coherent look.  For instance, you purchase multiple bedroom pieces that are all distinctively different, paint everything to match and swap out hardware and you can instantly create a matching bedroom suite.

Now put it into perspective, you can easily spend $ 1500 on a brand new bedroom set (and that’s a very conservative price) and then an additional $ 1000 for a mattress and box spring, y…………… continues on Oswego Daily News

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Winter has set in. For most people the world over, the onset of winter means a change in their home decor! People feel the need to surround themselves with additional warmth. Although the weather outside might be dreary, your decor inside can remain cheerful. Warm up your home for the New Year with a few simple decorating ideas. These ideas are simple, yet effective, and a lot of fun!

During the day, open up all your curtains and let the light of the winter sun warm your home. If you have a favourite corner where you read the morning paper or a favourite book, make sure that it is next to a window. That can become your winter corner. There is nothing more sublime<…………… continues on Times of India

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