For Your Home: The hot home decor trend you didn’t see coming: skulls
News from The San Luis Obispo Tribune:

Everything in our homes comes from either fashion or history. One hot – and surprising – decor trend pulled its life directly from the runways: skulls.

They have been showing up big time in fashion for the past couple of years. Alexander McQueen, the late British fashion and luxury clothing designer, rocked the style with his show at the Met Museum in 2011. It sent the look into orbit.

Two years later, the skull motif began showing up on home accessories. Two’s Company introduced jugs and plates with skull images. And we’re not talking about Halloween.

Now, in 2014, skinless heads have gone mainstream into home furnishings.

I find skulls fun and creepy at the same time. Maybe that’s what they bring to home decor, an opportunity for us not to take ourselves so seriously. Great decor needs a little whimsy to be interesting. When I started noticing skulls, I took notice. It’s hard not to.

Noir rocked its showroom this season at High Point. Founded in 2004 by Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu, they have become a leader in cutting edge style that pushes the envelope. The idea of using skulls fits with Baehler’s quirky personality. It’s that L.A. vibe that gives designer decor just the right punch and makes people think. Noir’s showroom was filled with pillows adorned with skull images and hand guns, bowls of metal skulls were placed on coffee…………… continues on The San Luis Obispo Tribune

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Most of us can’t resist picking up those home decorating magazines or visiting the websites that offer the latest Quick & Easy Decorating ideas and Home & Décor trends to help us create Better Homes or a House Beautiful. Whether your style is Southern Living or Country Living, we just want some Real Simple tips and ideas to make our House & Home a Romantic Home, a Traditional Home, an Ideal Home, a Fresh Home, or at least something we can be proud of when friends and family stop by.

So, we flip through the pages, skimming the articles penned by the “experts” and scanning the before-and-after photos, trying to glean something that can be translated from haute décor to something we can afford, some ideas that we can realistically use to add a bit of panache or pizazz to our own home sweet — if a bit tired looking — home.

Enter Angela Rowe, a Decorating Den certified designer and o…………… continues on The Southern

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