Fast loans for home improvement and appliances
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Fast loans for home improvement and appliances

30 May 2011 | 03:35 | FOCUS News Agency

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Sofia. Clients are seeking fast loans primarily for home renovations and [purchase of home appliances, said Anna Davri from UBB’s Retail Banking Department. Consumer loans drafted for tourism and vacations have become rarer, she added.
The crisis has forced clients to become more cautious and postpone some luxuries because they feel insecure about their incomes, said UniCredit Consumer Financing Executive Director Pierre-Yves Guegan. Currenftly most clients resort to consumer loans for unexpected and urgent purchases – home appliances or home renovations. Average consumer loan varies between BGN 1,000 and BGN 3,000 Mr. Guegan said.

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Many have learned the hard way — do-it-yourself projects can cost you physically and financially.

Angie Hicks founder of Angie’s List says it’s not always the smart option.

“People have tried to save money by doing things themselves and what ends up happening is they potentially get hurt or they ended up spending more money because they’ve done the project wrong”

Her website’s more than happy to help you find a contractor.

She can show you what can go wrong if you don’t know how to use a nail-gun or what your wall will look like, if, when hanging a shelf, you drive a nail through a water pipe.

If you insist on doing the job yourself she offers a few words of advice, starting with tools that can be difficult or dangerous.

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