Doorable Treasures: Home decor made from vintage materials
News from The Marysville Advocate:

Brian and Jill Friedrichs, Marysville, repurpose old junk into new things.

They have recycled vintage doors into a bench, chair, corner shelf, headboard, hall tree, faux fireplace and chalkboard shelf. The Friedrichses have recycled headboards into benches for adults and children, wagons into shelves, and cribs into chalkboards. Their business is Adoorable Treasures.

“We like to use salvaged materials, such as barn wood and tin from a family farm barn, but also have to buy new lumber to complete some projects,” she said.

Jill has always enjoyed doing crafts such as painting, sewing and scrapbooking. She learned to use woodworking tools when she was in high school at Hanover.

The business became a hobby for Brian after he learned more about woodworking tools while doing projects around the home.

“We are inspired a lot by posts on Pinterest and materials that we have in the garage at the time,” Jill said. “Sometimes it is a trial and error to create something, as we both put our inputs into it to complete it together. “

They sell their handmade items out of their home. The main ways they promote their business is on Facebook at Adoorable Treasures and by word of mouth, and they’ve begun to try their hand at selling on eBay.

“Facebook is nice because it is local pick-up, which in turn is cheaper for the custome…………… continues on The Marysville Advocate

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