Design Forward: Deep, rich colors return for home decor
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Gray was the No. 1 neutral color in showrooms in High Point, but now it has brown undertones. Red is also popular, along with gold finishes. This midcentury modern living room by Studio 7H combines all these trends. STUDIO 7H

I think we are finally seeing a return to deep, saturated colors – tools for creating rooms that are vibrant, rich and full of life. While neutrals still dominated showrooms during fall furniture market in High Point last month, it was refreshing to see bright dashes of color everywhere you turned.

The hottest color has to be red. Not just plain red but every imaginable shade. There were deep reds used in rich upholstery and painted finishes. Upholstery pieces in raspberry were easy to find. Some designers took red and twisted it into a bluish tone that made you think purple, but not quite.

Orange, still a hot color for designers and manufacturers, gave a spark to many room settings. Unlike emerald green or peacock blue, orange just isn’t going away. Whether in upholstered pieces, accessories and rugs, orange is still fresh and fun.

Other hot colors are mustard and butterscotch. I know we saw mustard used with gray-brown a few seasons ago, but now mustard is a stand-alone color.

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