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Kitchen design

Posted on 16 Aug 2015 In: home

Kitchen designNews from OCRegister: View slideshow For contrast, charcoal granite was used on the countertops under the cabinets, and arabescato marble tops the kitchen island. PHOTO BY CORI KLECKNER PHOTOGRAPHY With great risk comes great reward, so to achieve a dream design, homeowners often have to do something that scares them. What was once a [...]

Three entrepreneurs join hands to help you visualise your home décor in 3DNews from YourStory.com: “The three of us, after slogging away on our own different startup ideas for over five years felt that it was time we got together. We had failed many times and in many ways, and felt that collectively we had [...]

Here’s What Happens When Starchitects Hack Together A Kitchen From IkeaNews from Co.Design: Reform is a new Danish furniture company with an intriguing business model: By taking Ikea flat-pack kitchen components and modding them into custom units, it aims to give everyone the opportunity for high-end design at a reasonable price. For its current endeavor, [...]

6 Best Kitchen Design Tips To Follow

Posted on 13 Aug 2015 In: home

6 Best Kitchen Design Tips To FollowNews from Realty Today: Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Aug 13, 2015 08:20 AM EDT more big MILAN, ITALY – APRIL 08: Creations are displayed at Temporary Museum For New Design as part of 2013 Milan Design Week on April 8, 2013 in Milan, Italy. (Photo : Stefania [...]

Ikea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The World

Posted on 25 Apr 2015 In: home

Ikea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The WorldNews from Co.Design: There always seem to be two potential futures: In one, we have Marty McFly flying around on hoverboards like everything’s wonderful. In the other, we have Katniss Everdeen slitting throats for the world’s last Manwich. Which one will it be? Ikea [...]

Is your kitchen design making you fat?

Posted on 16 Apr 2015 In: home

Is your kitchen design making you fat?News from Mother Nature Network: People didn’t used to eat in the kitchen, and they were probably healthier for it. In Small fridges make good cities and healthier people, I made the case that if you don’t have a lot of room in your fridge, you will go out [...]

Inside the French Laundry’s New Snøhetta-Designed Kitchen

Posted on 15 Apr 2015 In: home

Inside the French Laundry’s New Snøhetta-Designed KitchenNews from Curbed SF: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, by Lamar Anderson Rendering courtesy SnøhettaThe saloon-turned-laundromat-turned-Michelin-starred restaurant that is Thomas Keller’s French Laundry is getting its first major overhaul in 20 years. The historic dining room will be left unaltered, but the rest of the grounds and connected structures have [...]

Calling all home decor addicts: 5 funky DIY tips to recycle old tyresNews from Hindustan Times: Aworn-out tyre need not drive you into the cribbing mode. Before you think of discarding it, take a look at these super cool and trendy do-it-yourself ideas and put your old throw-away tyre to creative use. You can also [...]

3 Kitchen Design Tips to Follow (and 3 Mistakes to Avoid)

Posted on 4 Apr 2015 In: home

3 Kitchen Design Tips to Follow (and 3 Mistakes to Avoid)News from Yahoo Food: By Rochelle Bilow We don’t have to tell you twice that we consider our kitchens the center of our homes. In this most-important room, both smart, intuitive design and attractive aesthetics are equally important. After all—you won’t just be cooking for [...]

Home decor pieces renters should avoid

Posted on 29 Mar 2015 In: home

Home decor pieces renters should avoidNews from Las Vegas Review-Journal: We love design, and sometimes there’s nothing — not even a totalitarian landlord — that will stand in the way of us swapping out all the contractor-grade light fixtures in our home. That said, when it comes to decorating a rental, there are some things [...]