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Spectacular subsidence as Wolverhampton property caves into its foundations

Building (doesn’t) work: Neighbouring house has crumbled and split Newsteam

Talk about bringing the house down…

Seems unlikely that the Wolverhampton family forced to flee their home early yesterday morning after building work on their neighbour’s property apparently caused their house to dramatically collapse will be dishing out a standing ovation, though.

Caving into its foundations, the structural damage at the property in Blackburn Avenue, Claregate was so severe that one garage door was completely buckled and came off its hinges.

Firefighters evacuated the houses after nearby residents were shaken awake at 4am and isolated the gas supply to prevent an explosion.

It is thought that extension work being carried out at the neighbouring semi-detached house has made the ground completely unstable.

Neighbour Eldern Noel said: “We heard a trembling and we felt it moving. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but then my daughter came in and said ‘Did you hear that?’.

“A neighbour from across the street knocked on our door, and that’s when we knew something serious had happened.”

He added: “We are waiting to find out whet…………… continues on

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